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Cover up to $25,000

We’ll cover up to your chosen total benefit limit. Choose either $12,500 or $25,000 as your total benefit limit.

Cover for redundancy, injury or illness

If you are made redundant or unable to work due to illness or injury, we’ll assist in covering your finance repayments for a maximum period of 180 days*

Choice of payment options

You can pay a lump sum or include it as part of your finance contract.

Vehicle hand-back option

If you qualify to hand-back your vehicle, we’ll pay the difference between the vehicle value and the finance payout amount, less the costs set out in your PDS.

Policy Features and Benefits

Here you’ll find the key things you need to know about our Finance Protection Insurance. Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

FPI will provide cover for:

  • Redundancy (If you become unemployed as a result of an involuntary redundancy); and
  • Injury or Illness (if you become disabled due to injury or illness).


For both Redundancy and Injury or Illness claims, we’ll pay:

  • a daily contribution towards your finance contract for each day you are unemployed due to redundancy or unable to work due to injury or illness;

up to the maximum cover amount chosen for a maximum of 180 days, excluding the first 14 days following your redundancy, injury or illness, subject to the terms and conditions of your policy.

Finance Protection Insurance does not cover you for:

  • any pre-existing injury or illness that you have suffered from within the last 6 months for which you have sought or received treatment from a medical professional before the commencement date of your Finance Protection Insurance policy.
  • any injury or illness, or involuntary redundancy that is not sustained within 28 days of the policy commencement.
  • childbirth, abortion or pregnancy (including conditions accelerated or induced thereby).

Other exclusions apply – refer to the section ‘What is not covered section’ in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

How to buy

Are you eligible for Finance Protection Insurance?

First, check if you:

  • Are 18 years of age or over, and will not turn 65 during the period of cover;
  • Are a citizen or permanent resident of Australia;
  • Are presently employed in permanent and continuous paid employment for a minimum of 16 hours per week and have no knowledge that the employment is to be terminated
  • Are prepared to accept that any Claims in respect of any pre-existing medical condition will not be covered;
  • Have financed the purchase of your car

For the full list of exclusions, check out the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) in the ‘What is not covered’ section.

Speak to your car dealer

You can take out Finance Protection Insurance when you buy your new or used car. Just talk to your dealer before you finalise the paperwork. A simple one-off payment can be included in the total amount financed.

How Finance Protection Insurance cover works

Redundancy and Vehicle Hand-back claim example

  • You’ve been made redundant by your current employer.
  • Your finance contract repayments are $1,500 per month and you’re unable to secure further employment for 63 days from the date your redundancy commenced.
  • For each day you are unemployed (excluding the first 14 days), we’ll pay a daily benefit equal to 1/30th of the finance contract monthly repayment amount.
  • If, after 76 days from the date your redundancy commenced you elect to hand back your vehicle, we will pay the financier the finance contract payout amount less the net sale price of the vehicle less any arrears.

We’ll pay your financier (Redundancy claim)

A daily benefit for the period you’re unemployed (excluding the first 14 days) equal to:

$1,500 ÷ 30 x (63 - 14 days) = $2,450 (total benefit)


We’ll pay your financier (Vehicle Hand-back claim)

At the time of handing back your vehicle the finance contract payout amount is $47,500. The net sale price obtained for your vehicle is $33,000 and your repayments are one month in arrears ($1,500). The maximum cover amount you selected is $12,500 as shown on your policy schedule. We have previously paid you a benefit of $2,450 for your 63 day redundancy claim.

$47,500 – $33,000 – $1,500 = $13,000

The maximum cover amount you selected is $12,500 and you have previously claimed $2,450, leaving $10,050 (total entitlement for this claim).

We will pay $10,050 which is the remaining benefit to your financier.

The above is an example of how we pay a claim under a Finance Protection Insurance policy and are not terms or conditions of the policy wording.

Important Documents

Get to know your Finance Protection Insurance better.

Finance Protection Insurance Product Disclosure Statement

739 KB

Supplementary Disclosure Statement (SPDS)

This SPDS, dated 25 January 2021, updates and should be read in conjunction with the Finance Protection Insurance PDS and any other applicable SPDS we may have given you, for new policies commencing on or after 25 March 2021.

65 KB

Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS)

This SPDS, dated 1 May 2019, updates and should be read in conjunction with the Finance Protection insurance PDS and any other applicable SPDS we may have given you.

555 KB

PowerTorque Insurance Financial Services Guide

We provide finance and insurance services to customers and are the holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence Number 392536. Click here to download the Financial Services Guide.
39 KB

PowerTorque Insurance Product Governance Policy

PowerTorque Insurance is committed to providing our customers with products that are suitable for their needs and meet their expectations.  This policy outlines how we respond to customer needs and expectations in our approach to the design, distribution and regular review of our products.

67 KB

PowerTorque Insurance Complaints Guide

Effective from 1 July 2021, please refer to this guide for information about how PowerTorque Insurance will handle any complaint that you may have.

61 KB

Family and Domestic Violence Policy

PowerTorque Insurance recognises that Family and Domestic Violence is a serious issue that may be affecting our customers and we are strongly committed to supporting them. This policy sets out how we will support those affected by Family and Domestic Violence.

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*Excludes the first 14 days following redundancy, injury or illness and has a maximum limit of 180 days in total.

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