Extended Warranty Insurance. Extended peace of mind.

Australia-wide cover

We’ve got you covered, no matter where you are in Australia.

Additional benefits

Towing, hire car, accommodation expenses and excess reimbursement.

Quality Repair Guarantee

We guarantee the labour and workmanship on any repairs authorised by us.

Replacement or repair of components defective in material or workmanship

Noticed your car has a faulty part? If your car is outside of your new vehicle or statutory warranty, we’ll repair or replace the defective components for you (some exclusions apply).

Policy Features and Benefits

Here you’ll find the key things you need to know about our Extended Warranty Insurance. Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

Cover option Period of cover
1 12 months to maximum 100,000km
2 24 months to maximum 100,000km
3 36 months to maximum 100,000km
4 12 months to maximum 150,000km
5 24 months to maximum 150,000km
6 36 months to maximum 150,000km

If any component of your car is found to be defective in materials or workmanship (subject to policy conditions), we’ll repair or replace the defective components for you (some exclusions apply). We will also pay to replace any consumable items, such as oil, if required due to the repair of a failure covered by the policy.

Extended Warranty Insurance doesn’t cover you:

  • If you’ve used your car outside normal operating conditions (e.g. taxi, loan or driving school car, rental car, motorsports, courier or fast-food delivery).
  • Items with a limited working life (e.g. batteries, tyres, filters, hoses or brake pads and linings).
  • If the failed parts are because you have a) neglected to properly maintain and service your car, b) had your car modified from factory specifications (e.g. conversion to LPG operation) or c) fitted with non-genuine parts.
  • If you require any periodic replacement items as part of normal car maintenance, unless they are covered under the Additional Benefits section.

Other exclusions apply. For full details of these exclusions, refer to ‘What’s not covered’ in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

How Extended Warranty Insurance works

A claim for repair or replacement components (including a towing and hire car expense).

  • You have cover under Option 3 (3 year plan term up to 100,000km), which you purchased when your vehicle was 23 months old.
  • Two years have elapsed since you purchased your vehicle, and you are now 11 months outside the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty end date.
  • You have driven 90,000km when your vehicle’s gearbox bearing fails prematurely.
  • You are 300km from home when this occurs.
  • As your vehicle cannot be driven, it is towed to the nearest Authorised Dealer at a cost of $200.
  • Consequently, you also need a hire car to return to your home which costs $77.
  • You contact us to lodge a claim under your PowerTorque Extended Warranty Insurance policy and the Dealer advises that your vehicle has been towed and you have incurred hire car expenses of $77 which are to be reimbursed to you.
  • The repairs are assessed and authorised by us at a total cost of $5,500. The local Dealer undertakes these repairs.
We will pay the following Amount
Cost to repair your vehicle
(we will pay this to your local Dealer 
Hire car expenses (we will pay this to you) $77
Towing expenses (we will pay towing company)   $200

The above is an example of how we pay a claim under an Extended Warranty Insurance policy and is not a term or condition of the policy wording. Please read the PDS for full details of what we cover, as well as what policy limits and exclusions apply.

How to buy

Check if Extended Warranty Insurance is right for you

A few things to consider before deciding:

  • How long do you intend to keep the vehicle? i.e. will you own the vehicle longer than the original manufacturer’s warranty period?
  • How far do you travel in your vehicle each year? i.e. will this exceed the maximum Extended Warranty Insurance term of cover (i.e. the km limit) before the original manufacturer’s warranty expires?

    For example: You select a maximum 100,000km extended warranty plan, regularly drive 25,000km per year and have an original manufacturer’s warranty for 3 years at which point in time, your Extended Warranty Insurance policy would kick in. As you have already driven 75,000km after 3 years, obtaining Extended Warranty Insurance which expires once the vehicle travels 100,000km may not be beneficial for you as it would only be applicable for the fourth year.
  • Your financial position and ability/desire to meet your own repair costs should an event occur.
Speak to your car dealer

You can purchase Extended Warranty Insurance when you purchase your car. Your dealer will be able to help with the process 

Important Documents

Get to know your Extended Warranty Insurance better.

Download the Extended Warranty Insurance Product Disclosure Statement

755 KB

Supplementary Disclosure Statement (SPDS)

This SPDS, dated 19 February 2021, updates and should be read in conjunction with the Extended Warranty Insurance SPDS and any other applicable SPDS we may have given you, for new policies issued on or after 25 March 2021.

83 KB

Download the Extended Warranty Insurance Transfer Application Form

96 KB

Download the Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS)

This SPDS, dated 1 May 2019, updates and should be read in conjunction with the Extended Warranty Insurance Product Disclosure Statement and any other applicable SPDS we may have given you.

549 KB

PowerTorque Insurance Financial Services Guide

We provide finance and insurance services to customers and are the holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence Number 392536. Click here to download the Financial Services Guide.

39 KB

PowerTorque Insurance Product Governance Policy

PowerTorque Insurance is committed to providing our customers with products that are suitable for their needs and meet their expectations.  This policy outlines how we respond to customer needs and expectations in our approach to the design, distribution and regular review of our products.

67 KB

PowerTorque Insurance Complaints Guide

Effective from 1 July 2021, please refer to this guide for information about how PowerTorque Insurance will handle any complaint that you may have.

61 KB

Family and Domestic Violence Policy

PowerTorque Insurance recognises that Family and Domestic Violence is a serious issue that may be affecting our customers and we are strongly committed to supporting them. This policy sets out how we will support those affected by Family and Domestic Violence.

89 KB

Frequently asked questions

Our Extended Warranty Insurance is available for most car makes and models. To confirm your car qualifies talk to your Dealer or call us on 137 800.

If you sell your vehicle to or through a motor dealer or trader, your PowerTorque Insurance Extended Warranty Insurance policy can be transferred to the new owner at our sole discretion (subject to policy conditions). However, a transfer fee will apply.

Yes please ensure your vehicle is regularly and properly serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Your Dealer or your Authorised Repairer should perform all servicing to ensure you remain covered.

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